Starlight 9 teacher s book скачать бесплатно pdf Доступ ограничен

Starlight 9 teacher s book скачать бесплатно pdf

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Starter Unite - Hello, Magic Friends! Use this technique when you want your Ss to offer an example of how a task is done. Allow Ss to finish the task without interrupting, but make a note of the errors made and correct them afterwards.

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Ss are asked to write a cover letter. These sections provide practice in real-life communication.

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Irregular Verbs This provides students with a quick reference list for verb forms they might be unsure of at times. Vocabulary Complete the sentences with the correct word in the proper form. For example, you may find it easier to describe an action verb through miming than through a synonym or definition.

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S ta rte r Each module is based on a single theme and the topics covered are of general interest.